Revolutionizing Science Education in Cameroon

Experience the world of physics through interactive simulations

VLab Experiments allows you to perform physics experiments online, without the need for expensive lab equipment. Made for students in Cameroonian schools with limited resources.

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The Problem

Many students in Cameroon (and other developing countries) do not have access to laboratory equipment for physics experiments. This makes it difficult for them to fully understand the concepts and principles of physics.

Our Solution

VLab Experiments is provides students with access to interactive simulations of physics experiments. Our website allows students to perform virtual experiments and record the results in their physics lab manuals.

By using VLab Experiments, students can gain a better understanding of physics concepts and principles, even if their schools do not have access to laboratory equipment. This can improve their academic performance and future career prospects.

What problems are we solving?


VLab Experiments provides students with a way to learn and practice physics experiments, regardless of their school's resources.


Traditional physics labs require expensive equipment that many schools cannot afford. Interactive Physics eliminates the need for physical equipment, reducing costs for schools and students.


Some physics experiments can be dangerous and require careful supervision. VLab Experiments allows students to learn and practice without risking injury.


Traditional physics labs can be time-consuming to set up and clean up. VLab Experiments eliminates the need for setup and cleanup, allowing students to focus on learning.

We're committed to the SDG Goals

Goal 4: Quality Education - VLab Experiments provides students with access to quality education in physics, regardless of their school's resources.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - VLab Experiments uses technology to provide innovative solutions for infrastructure challenges in African schools.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities - VLab Experiments helps reduce inequalities in access to quality education by providing a solution for students who do not have access to laboratory equipment.